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    About yoga teacher Barbara Benagh  

Barbara Benagh is well known and respected in the yoga community as being a master teacher, and there is a wealth of information, Instruction and a complete bio of Barbara on her website, The Yoga Studio.

From the very first class I took with Barbara, it was obvious to me that even after well over thirty years of yoga practice and teaching, she still has a passionate sense of curiosity and exploration that continues to lead her deeper into the classic yoga poses (or asanas).

I felt her classes were often like hearing a great jazz musician on a particularly good night-- there was so much to absorb and appreciate in each session that I began to wonder why on earth no one was recording them and making them available to yoga students everywhere! So eventually I approached Barbara with the idea of recording her teaching live, and fortunately, she agreed.

Each class we've recorded of Barbara offers a deep, meditative flow of insightful instruction, metaphor and technique, innovative variations on classic poses, and brilliant sequencing which leads the students into the more difficult asanas in an intelligent way. Even poses one might be very familiar with can seem totally fresh as new themes and nuances are explored and revealed.

“I have never found another teacher who equaled Barbara’s ability to show you where you could go in a pose”    Karin, former student

"Benagh is one of the most intelligent and insightful teachers around. Her work is consistently of the highest quality, in both its sequencing and its focus on physical detail and alignment."    Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal

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Important Info about the Yoga Audio Series
  • Each class is a complete yoga practice experience in itself.
    Though the More and More! series begins with Volume 1 and continues from there, it is not necessary to practice with each volume in sequence to get the maximum benefits from the series. I recommend reading over the general descriptions and track listings for each set, and finding the poses or areas of study you are most interested in exploring.

  • These recordings are intended for the strong intermediate yoga student who is familiar with basic families of yoga poses (standing, seated, twists, backbends, inversions, etc.). The poses in each class are separated onto their own track to make it easier to focus on a particular asana, and each full class has a meditation bell to signal its end. They are not intended for beginning students of yoga-- for that Barbara has released the excellent DVD Yoga for Beginners, which is available from her website.

  • Practicing with a recording is an interesting experience, and in many ways it's preferable to practicing with a video. You can't let the mind wander and then look up at the screen to see what everyone else is doing. You have to stay present and focused, you have to listen. Barbara's instructions and verbal adjustments are so clear that the visual support is usually unnecessary, and the practice continues to develop a strong inward attention.

    If there are questions about any instructions in the classes, we are always available via email for clarification. Please write us at: info@heartofthemoon.com

  • These are recordings of live yoga classes. This is the real thing. Though the sound quality is crystal clear digital audio, these are not cleaned up, scripted studio recordings, but rather recordings of Barbara Benagh in action teaching one of her weekly classes in Cambridge MA. There are many candid asides to the students present, occasional humor, all of which add to the atmosphere of an engaging yoga class in an urban environment.

  • We want you to be happy with Barbara's class recordings!

    In the case of downloaded classes (mp3 audio files), there really isn't a product to "return"-- that is, once the class has been downloaded, it is already on your computer and there is really no way to "send it back". So for downloads, all refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. Perhaps it would be best to try out a class and see if Barbara's style is appropriate for your level of practice. That being said, we want you to be happy with your purchase, and we will try in all cases to be accommodating.


Thank you for your interest in live yoga classes by Barbara Benagh!

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